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Open Fault Error using Honda 2000i
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Bob Stone
January 29, 2013, 4:27am Report to Moderator
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When attempting to use my Honda 2000i boondocking near Quartzsite Aladdin reported an 'Open fault'. I'm not an electrician but did find this to be a common problem identified on RV.net - apparently Honda and some other generators use a 'floating ground' which some EMS don't like. The solution is simple as per this excerpt from RV.net (Note: there is considerable discussion about pros and cons but it does work on my Beaver.)

Honda 1000 and 2000 generators do NOT have the ground bonded to neutral internally. Ground comes out to the external ground spade lug terminal on the front only. As a result, systems like a Progressive Industries EMS system will see an open ground and keep from applying power. Work around is making a blank plug to bond ground to neutral on one of the available outlets to avoid a "open ground" fault.

Bob Stone
'05 Monterey Laguna IV
Cat C-9
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Bill Sprague
January 29, 2013, 4:03pm Report to Moderator
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The few times I've used it for dry camping, I get better results with my Honda 2000 powering a standard automotive "automatic" battery charger.  I think the batteries charge at a little higher rate, you don't have to "fix" the open fault design, the Honda auto throttle adjusts with the needs of the charger, the Honda won't trip from an accidental "hairdryer overload" and the full 120 capacity of the inverter's capacity is available.

Bill Sprague
Region 1 VP
2004 Monterey
ISC 350 Cummins
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